Mirabella Outshine’s Them All!

I love lip gloss!  I prefer it over lipstick.  Lip gloss looks more youthful; something women over 35 strive for.  I’ve tried numerous brands and finally found a gloss that isn’t sticky.  Mirabella Outshine Lip Gloss offers a creamy, sheer color with a hint of vanilla extract.  It tastes and smells yummy!  When I am feeling stressed at work, I apply a bit of Outshine to my lips and all is well in my world!  Try it…you’ll like it!

Mirabella Cosmetics can be found at Scalped Salon And Spa in Prince Frederick, MD.  1-888-SCALPED

Best Ever!
Best Ever!



I have finally found the best shaving foam for my legs.  Aveeno-Ultra-Calming Shave Gel. It’s awesome for sensitive skin and it has reduced my razor burn significantly.  Not only will your legs look fabulous, but they will feel silky and smooth.  Pair the Aveeno foam with the Mac 3 Razor for optimum results.  Click on the link to my article at  eHow and learn more tips about How To Avoid Razor Burned Legs.

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