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Putting Myself Out There

For the last couple years, I’ve been trying to “Brand” myself in the beauty industry.  You’ve seen my ads with Motives Cosmetics, hair and most recently, my YouTube videos. I used to hide behind other artist’s pictures and videos because I didn’t want to set myself up for ridicule (“Keyboard Gangsters”can be so cruel).   I’d see so many pictures and tutorials by young, beautiful women.  I could never compete with that, so I continued to hide myself behind their work and hoped to God that someone would take notice  of my business, my “Brand”, but how could they?  It wasn’t me.  But what did I have to offer anyone?


Motives Beauty Advisor-Kathleen M.A. Powell

Well, I thought that it’d be totally ridiculous for me to put a makeup tutorial out there, at the age of 45, and make the pouty faces, blow kisses at the camera and blink my insanely long faux lashes.  Not gonna happen.  I figured I shouldn’t take myself too seriously and decided to throw a little humor into the mix.  Yes it’s bizarre at times, but aren’t we all?

The idea, as far as makeup goes, is to show women my age and older that with a little education, you too can wear everything Motives Cosmetics has to offer.  It doesn’t end with the 20-somethings.  My Motives photo ads may look a bit serious, but I’m trying to demonstrate the makeup.  My odd facial expressions would only take away from the products I’m trying to promote.

The videos I make do include tutorials on hair and makeup, but there’s usually a goofy grin or two in most of them. My main focus has now turned to creating videos (still centered in the beauty industry) that show an obviously exaggerated view of salon-life.  After 26 years in the industry, I think I’m allowed to go overboard.

Although my head tells me I will most likely experience mean comments and criticism, my heart tells me to keep going.  Keep being me, keep believing in my partnership  with Motives, keep spewing out my inner comedian and keep offering my clients and followers my beauty knowledge.  So I guess everyone will just have to get used to seeing my mug, everyday, several times a day.

OR “unfollow” if you feel the need.


YouTube Channel Better With Age-with Kathleen

Thank you to my loyal clients, everyone who has “followed” my social media pages and to those who have offered positive feedback.


Women Over 40 Must Read This

Lipstick kiss on white background

Are you a member of the “Over 40 Club”?   Our initiation (along with being over 40) into the club is to write down these three rules and place them on your mirror.

1.  Bold Points to Old-Red lipstick is hot however, bold colors only point to wrinkles and hyperpigmentation around the mouth.  Sheer color lip gloss is the way to go.  I’m trying to hide that mess, not accentuate it.  Keep it soft.

2.  Long is Wrong-There are many women over 40 who can rock long hair.  Make sure to keep it trimmed, conditioned and never go beyond the bra.  Another important thing to remember is that excessively long hair with scraggly ends point directly to your rump-a-bum-bum, making it appear bigger.  You can instantly take inches off your bootie by cutting that crap off.

3.  Low is the Flow-Ponytails never go out of style and look good on everyone…if you understand positioning.  A high pony screams “Hi, I’m 19“, while low ponies whisper “Sophistication“.  A lower pony with a slight bump at the crown looks classy and polished.  Wait, wait, wait…there’s something else to add to that pony.  Make sure the ends are curled, whether it is actual curls or simply ends bent under.  Frazzled ends coming out of a hairband looks freakin’ ridiculous.

Now, don’t feel left out of the latest beauty obsessions because there is still fun to be had.  The trends don’t have to be given up completely, just sensibly modified.   Please, if you’re 20, disregard this article and have a blast squeezing everything you can out of the trends but just remember that this will one day be YOU.

This may have to be a series for my comrades in 40-plus land.  What do you think?  Would you like to hear more tips and tricks to aging gracefully?  Maybe graceful is not the word.  How about tips and tricks to remain youthful without looking freakin’ ridiculous?

You may have remembered that just yesterday, you looked at the tabloids and noticed that all these famous women over 40 broke the aforementioned rules.

Well, just because they’re famous doesn’t make it right…they need to stop fighting it and join the club.  Believe it or not, we do become more fabulous with age.

Goldwell Inspiration

902509_574541969233029_1052288555_oI’ve recently been introduced to Goldwell Color at Scalped Salon in Prince Frederick, Maryland; a company I’ve been a part of for the last 19 years.  Not only did we receive a class on how to utilize the color, but members of the Goldwell team stayed with us for three additional days to help us with our color formulations for our clients.

In addition to extensive training during the first week of use, I also had the opportunity of attending an artistic color class at The Goldwell Academy in Linthicum, Maryland two weeks later.  There, I was introduced to John C. Simpson, Lead Artistic Director at Goldwell.  His passion, creative spark and real-life approach to teaching lit a spark in me that I just can’t shake…nor do I want to.  In two short days, John was able to mesmerize a bored and “set in her ways” hair stylist and transform her into a refreshed and creative woman always craving more knowledge in order to perfect her craft.   

I now keep a notebook with me at all times.  In this notebook are client’s names along with their new color inspiration.  In fact, there have been instances when I’ve tried to take a nap when suddenly, a fabulous color comes to mind and it must be written down in that notebook immediately.  As I drift off to sleep at night, I see KK, PK, RB, NN and KG floating around in my head.  These colors (and there are many more) are my ticket to a heaven of creativity.  Eventually I fall asleep, wrapped in the comfort of knowing that I have remarkable paint for any canvas.

295785_482898045064252_1072515794_nThank you John for restoring my hope, faith and love of the beauty industry. 

The world holds your color scheme.

A Little Bit of Crazy

The Cut Won’t Make You Whole

I see you
I wouldn’t want to be you

Trying to get under my skin
That’s a battle you can’t win

Why are you here
My gift won’t erase the fear

Fear of never seeing what’s real
What hides beneath I cannot heal

The cut of my sword may offer reprieve
But conflict will linger no matter what my hands achieve

Take it somewhere else
Check your sense of self

Take it to the street
Stay off my beat

© 2013 Kathleen M. A. Powell

Angry, Frustrated Woman

Water, Water Everywhere

Since becoming a blonde, I have noticed the negative effects that water can have on my hair.  Well water is the fabulous water source in my home (sarcasm).  My beautiful blonde hair that my co-workers have worked hard to achieve, turns into a brassy and lifeless mop because of the sulfur and other stinky stuff coating my hair (hard water).  My hair never feels clean.  Gross!

Once a week, I have my hair shampooed at the salon.  This requires a clarifying treatment to help chisel away the mineral build-up and restore my hair back to its original hair color (the perfect blonde, that is).  Then a deep conditioner is used to seal in the goodness.  I don’t know what’s in that water and I don’t care.  All I know is that when my shampoo goddess is done working her miracle, my hair looks and feels great.

I recently stayed at the Hilton in Ocean City, Maryland.  Only a hair stylist such as myself, would be excited at the thought of washing her hair with beautiful, clean water complete with excellent pressure (something that also poses a problem at home).  The first night I was there, I jumped in the shower, wet my hair and lathered it up with my favorite shampoo.  I rinsed…and rinsed…and rinsed.  What the hell?  I rinsed…and rinsed….and rinsed some more.  Crap, the water was too soft.  I applied my conditioner and rinsed out as much as I could.  I then began to dry my hair…and dried…and dried until I became so hot that I had to sit on the cold floor because I felt as though I would pass out.  I dried…and dried…and dried some more.  Finally, my hair was dry…and I mean dry.  It didn’t matter that I used smoothing and de-frizzing products beforehand.  My hair was so brittle that I was afraid it would snap off if I moved my head the wrong way.  The only good thing I can say about the water is that it didn’t alter my hair color.

Tonight I will be back to shampooing in my stinky water.  Come Thursday, I will have my shampoo goddess take care of me again.

* I’d like to add that I have tried to shampoo with bottled spring water.  Once again, my hair felt dry and brittle. 

What type of water do you shampoo with?

5 Reasons To Love Hairspray

1.  Style Setter–  Hairspray locks in the style.finishingspray

2.  Commander–  Hairspray commands freshly washed and conditioned hair to cooperate.

3.  Image Maker–  Hairspray helps create whatever image you’d like to portray, whether it’s a more conservative look for business or a wild look for play.

4.  Time Machine–  Hairspray can take you back in time to the sleek updo of Audrey Hepburn in “Breakfast At Tiffany’s” or  the “Big Hair” rock stars of the 80s’.

5.  Spider Killer–  Hairspray stops bugs in their tracks.

And oh yes, Aquage Finishing Spray will take care of everything.