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Doggie Beauty-Fresh In A Flash

Here is a quirky little video about a doggie beauty product, Fresh In A Flash Cleansing Spray.  I told you beauty ain’t just for humans!

It’s a leave-in spray with grapefruit and chamomile, no build-up, hypo-allergenic and cruelty free.

Made in the U.S.A. and developed with Veterinarians.


Purchased from Chesapeake Paws

Locally owned & operated!! Made in the USA products, hand crafted items, novelty leashes and collars. Carrying top of the line dry and raw foods.
5504 Muddy Creek Rd, Unit A
West River, MD.
(443) 223-2532

John Paul Pets

Pet Care Pack

I just wanted to update you on my incredible experience with John Paul Pet.  My free shipment of doggie beauty supplies came in yesterday and although it may seem minor to some, I was completely tickled by the large assortment of products.  I look forward to trying all of them on my stinky dogs however, they won’t be stinky for too much longer.  Cheers to John Paul Pet!

*Always remember, beauty isn’t just for humans

I Love You John Paul!

I recently posted an article about

John Paul Pet-Grooming System Prepack

I decided to send it to their Facebook page and only a few days later, I received an email from them, thanking me for my post.  Wait, it gets better.  They also featured my blog on their Twitter feed and are now sending me free products for my furry babies.  Although I am working hard to gain recognition, this was very unexpected.  I am pleased to say that I will continue to blog about this company and their products.  And remember, beauty isn’t just for humans.

Check out my John Paul Pet blog post.

You Stink!

The first thing I do when I enter my home after a long day of work is to give my dogs lots of hugs.  It’s usually followed by me saying, “You stink”.  With tails wagging, they don’t seem to mind the insult and seem rather proud of their stench.  I can hear it now, “Why don’t you give them a bath?” Well, my older dog (Blackjack) has sensitive skin and too much bathing makes his skin dry and itchy.  My baby (Henry) has water-phobia.  I can’t use the hose, put him in the tub or even use a wet sponge or towel without him going into hysterics.

Please don’t make me take a bath!

Thank heaven for John Paul Pet Waterless Foam Shampoo for dogs.  It’s not as thorough as a bath however, it spruces them up a bit and leaves their fur shiny and soft.

Applying Waterless Shampoo Foam on Blackjack “BJ”

Beauty products aren’t just for humans anymore.  Treat your best furry friend to the best in skin care with a wide selection of John Paul Pet products to suit your pet’s needs.