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Motives In The Nude


When you’re new to Motives, purchasing a palette is a smart way to go.  You’re able to try several products at an awesome value.  Already a Motives fan?  Consider treating yourself to a palette.  They’re great for travel or as a gift for a friend.

In The Nude Palette works for all complexions and has a lot to offer.  Six eye shadows, a full size Miami Glow Bronzer and Lip Shine will give you both day and evening looks.


Motives In The Nude Palette

Check out my latest video, where I feature looks from the In The Nude Palette

Take a look at all of my Motives palettes.  I have something special for women of all ages and complexions.

big palette


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Putting Myself Out There

For the last couple years, I’ve been trying to “Brand” myself in the beauty industry.  You’ve seen my ads with Motives Cosmetics, hair and most recently, my YouTube videos. I used to hide behind other artist’s pictures and videos because I didn’t want to set myself up for ridicule (“Keyboard Gangsters”can be so cruel).   I’d see so many pictures and tutorials by young, beautiful women.  I could never compete with that, so I continued to hide myself behind their work and hoped to God that someone would take notice  of my business, my “Brand”, but how could they?  It wasn’t me.  But what did I have to offer anyone?


Motives Beauty Advisor-Kathleen M.A. Powell

Well, I thought that it’d be totally ridiculous for me to put a makeup tutorial out there, at the age of 45, and make the pouty faces, blow kisses at the camera and blink my insanely long faux lashes.  Not gonna happen.  I figured I shouldn’t take myself too seriously and decided to throw a little humor into the mix.  Yes it’s bizarre at times, but aren’t we all?

The idea, as far as makeup goes, is to show women my age and older that with a little education, you too can wear everything Motives Cosmetics has to offer.  It doesn’t end with the 20-somethings.  My Motives photo ads may look a bit serious, but I’m trying to demonstrate the makeup.  My odd facial expressions would only take away from the products I’m trying to promote.

The videos I make do include tutorials on hair and makeup, but there’s usually a goofy grin or two in most of them. My main focus has now turned to creating videos (still centered in the beauty industry) that show an obviously exaggerated view of salon-life.  After 26 years in the industry, I think I’m allowed to go overboard.

Although my head tells me I will most likely experience mean comments and criticism, my heart tells me to keep going.  Keep being me, keep believing in my partnership  with Motives, keep spewing out my inner comedian and keep offering my clients and followers my beauty knowledge.  So I guess everyone will just have to get used to seeing my mug, everyday, several times a day.

OR “unfollow” if you feel the need.


YouTube Channel Better With Age-with Kathleen

Thank you to my loyal clients, everyone who has “followed” my social media pages and to those who have offered positive feedback.


Get The Look-Motives Cosmetics


It’s just a fantasy!

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